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Bing may refer to:

Bing Prefecture, an ancient Chinese province
Bing, Bushehr (بينگ), a village in Bushehr Province, Iran
Bing, Hormozgan (بينگ), a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran
Binag, Sistan and Baluchestan (بينگ), a village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran


Bing (surname), a German-language surname
Bing (Chinese surname) (邴), a Chinese surname


Bing Crosby (1903–1977), American singer
Bing Devine (1916–2007), American baseball executive
Bing Futch (born 1966), American musician
Bing Gordon, video game executive
Bing Juckes (1926–1990), American ice hockey player
Bing Miller (1894–1966), American baseball outfielder and coach
Bing Russell (1926–2013), American actor
Bing Slamet (1927–1974), stage name of Indonesian singer, songwriter, comedian and actor Ahmad Syech Albar
Bing West (born 1940), American military writer and government official

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictitious entities

Bing, or Evan Chambers, a character in the television series Greek
Bada Bing, the fictional strip club from the HBO drama television series The Sopranos
Bing Gordyn, a character in the television series Little Britain USA


Bing, Bing, Bing!, a 1995 album by Charlie Hunter


Bing (TV series), a 2014 television series and its title character
«Badda-Bing Badda-Bang», an episode of Star Trek:Deep Space Nine

Businesses and organizations

Bing (company), a German company that manufactured toys and kitchen utensils
BinG, or Barbershop in Germany, a German barbershop music organization

Food and drink

Bing (bread), Chinese flatbread
Bing (soft drink), a UK brand
Bing cherry, a variety of cherry
Twin Bing, originally Bing, a candy made by Palmer Candy Company of Sioux City, Iowa

Other uses

Bing (dog), a British dog who served in World War II
Bing (mining), a Scottish term for mining waste
Bing (search engine), a web search engine developed by Microsoft
Bing, solitary confinement, in American prison slang
Bing Concert Hall, a building in Stanford University campus

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